Biodiesel is a non-toxic biodegradable diesel fuel substitute produced from
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We perform the initial process in the transformation of cattle hides into
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Yellow Grease
Yellow Grease is the product produced from the recycling of used cooking oi
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Protein Meal
Meat and bone meal produced from the rendering process is used as a protein
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Tallow is the fat produced from the rendering of animal by-products
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Feeding Fats
Feeding Fats are blends of animal fats and vegetable oils produced by
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Baker Commodities Products

Baker Commodities recycles animal by-products and kitchen waste into valuable products that can be used to feed livestock, power vehicles, and act as a base for everyday items. Our products include feeding fats, tallow, protein meal, and yellow grease. We also prepare hides for the leather manufacturing industry and supply the ingredients for biodiesel production to facilities around the world.

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